2nd Distribution of 2021 DeKalb County Real Estate Taxes has been made

DeKalb County Treasurer Becky Springer’s office made the second distribution of DeKalb County real estate taxes on June 23, 2022.

Of the $239,167,111.84 to be collected, $127,915,931.56, or 53.48% has been collected and distributed to date. “By law the first tax distribution is not required to be made until within 30 days after the first installment due date, which would be the first week in July. We have done two distributions prior to the time the first one is required by law. We are hopeful that these early distributions will assist the taxing districts, especially the school districts, with their cash flow,” Springer said.

Of that $127,915,931.56, $14,469,844.27 has been distributed to DeKalb County and Forest Preserve District, $5,671,847.27 has been distributed to townships and township road and bridge districts, $2,976,252.85 has been distributed to libraries, $8,284,867.44 has been distributed to cities and villages, $2,864,280.97 has been distributed to fire districts, and $5,158,593.95 has been distributed to park districts. School districts have received $79,606,204.57; community colleges have received $8,023,282.27; TIF districts have received $718,888.80 and drainage districts have received $141,869.17.

Tax distribution settlement reports are accessible on line at www.dekalbcounty.org . From the DeKalb County home page, choose County Departments. Then choose either Treasurer or Collector. The link for the reports will be found on the left side of the page.

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