3rd Distribution of 2021 Real Estate Tax Have Been Made

DeKalb County Treasurer Becky Springer’s office made the third distribution of DeKalb County real estate taxes on Thursday, July 21, 2022.

Of the $239,167,111.84 to be collected, $133,604,757.99 has been collected and distributed to date. Springer said, “This amount represents 55.86 percent of the taxes to be collected, which at this point in the year, is a good collection rate. It is right on par with previous years.” The Treasurer’s office will be making one more tax distribution to the taxing districts prior to the second installment property tax due date.

Of the $133,604,757.99 that has been distributed, $15,121,794.69 has been distributed to DeKalb County and Forest Preserve District, $5,482,194.75 has been distributed to townships and township road and bridge districts, $3,121,193.39 has been distributed to libraries, $9,124,484.07 has been distributed to cities and villages. Fire districts have received $2,969,785.89, and $5,398,849.17 has been distributed to park districts. School districts have received $83,128.321.24, community colleges have received $8,375,124.02, TIF districts have received $737,298.47, and drainage districts have received $145,712.30.

Taxpayers are reminded that the second installment is due on or before Friday, September 2, 2022.

The DeKalb County Treasurer’s Office offers the option of paying your tax bill online through the robust property tax search engine and payment center application wEdge. “We are very pleased to be able to offer our taxpayers the convenience of paying their real estate taxes online through wEdge. Taxpayers have the option of paying with an e-check, a direct debit from their bank account. The online payment service provider charges a $1.00 convenience fee for e-check payments.

The Treasurer’s office also accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card credit cards online and in the office as a means of payment for property taxes. We accept Visa and Master Card debit cards as well,” Springer said. Please note that a convenience fee of 2.35%, which is charged by the credit card service provider, will be added for those wishing to charge their real estate taxes on their credit cards or MasterCard debit cards. For those using Visa debit cards, there is a convenience fee of $3.95. No portion of these fees is received by DeKalb County.

Online payments may be made by visiting DeKalb County’s website at www.dekalbcounty.org. On the homepage, click on the box with “Pay My Property Tax” in big red text, search for your parcel, click the green “Pay Taxes” button, click on the shopping cart, and follow the checkout process.

Taxpayers may also pay their second installment taxes at most banks in DeKalb County during the bank’s normal business hours, on or before the second installment due date. Taxpayers should bring the entire tax bill to the bank and put their parcel number on their check. Banks cannot accept payments after the September 2, 2022 due date.

If paying by mail, taxpayers should make the check payable to DeKalb County Collector. Taxpayers should make sure to include their parcel number(s) on their check, and include their payment stub(s). They should make sure their check is signed, and that the numeric amount they have written matches the written-out dollar amount on the second line of their check. Treasurer Springer also reminds taxpayers paying by mail that payments should be postmarked on or before the second installment due date of September 2, 2022.

If you have questions regarding your tax bill or tax payment, please call the DeKalb County Treasurer’s Property Tax Helpline at 815-895-7337, the DeKalb County Treasurer’s Office at 815-895-7112, or visit us online at www.dekalbcounty.org. The DeKalb County Treasurer’s Office is on Facebook offering reminders, tips, and more. Visit us at facebook.com/DeKalbCountyILTreasurer.

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